Mann Cup: Six Nations brings potent offense, but plenty of defense as well

Photo by Darryl Smart
Make no mistake, there is plenty of offense for Six Nations. With Cody Jamieson, Jeff Shattler, Colin Doyle, Kasey Beirnes and Craig Point leading the way, it’s a conundrum for any defense. But lurking in the shadows is a defense that’s second to none, which proved its effectiveness in the Major Series finals against Peterborough.  “If you look at the series, three of our wins we held them to five goals,” assistant coach Duane Jacobs told the Brantford Expositor. “I think anybody who knows our team or who has watched our team and knows the game will tell you, we’re pretty stout defensively.” If you’re not yet a believer in that defense, be sure to get a glimpse of it in Game 1 tonight of the Mann Cup.
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