Colin Doyle is back

He's back!
After a long absence, Colin Doyle will return to the Six Nations Pro-Fit Chiefs Saturday.
"We're ecstatic about getting Colin back in the lineup," Chiefs general manager Duane Jacobs said. "We've missed his presence on the floor and in the locker room."
Doyle, who's been a key member of the Chiefs and National Lacrosse League's Toronto Rock, has been nursing a lower body injury he suffered during the NLL season.
Jacobs said Doyle has been champing at the bit to get back.
"I know he's been frustrated not being able to play, but today he called me and said he's ready to go," Jacobs said.
Last season Doyle led the Chiefs in scoring with 28 goals and 48 assists in 18 games during the regular season. He was also a catalyst in the Major Series Lacrosse playoffs, netting 12 goals and 23 assists in 12 games, and had four goals and 14 helpers during the Mann Cup.
During the NLL season with the Rock, Doyle had 31 goals and 41 assists.
On Saturday, Doyle and the Chiefs will host the Brampton Excelsiors at 7 p.m.


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