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  1. Will the Mann Cup be on point streak

  2. is the game on line somewhere to watch

  3. I need someone to get ahold of me. I have a very unique opportunity for the team.

    1. Are The Six Nations Chief's Players Eating Their Pickles From The Big Blue Pails Like They Did On Their Way to Winning Their Second Straight Mann Cup ? IF They are Gonna Three Peat and Be The Mann Cup Champions for The third Year ion a Row, Ya Better Get the Pickles Ready ! :D And Get "The Staats Brothers All out there , Johnny Powless and Every Good Scorer That has Recently Been Missing from The Nations Line-Up ! They Are REALLY Needed Now for Game 7 Tonight Guys !!! This Very Powerful Six Nations Team Could Set A Precedence and a Major Series Record for the Next several Years and Very Possibly Go After Jimmy Bishops Green Gaels Record of Seven Cups in a Row ! Very Proud of These Young Men and The Major Accomplishments they are in The Process of Making ! And I am Sure The Whole Countries Aboriginals People are as Well ! The Jr. A Arrows are Very Likely To Win it All (Minto Cup Champions Soon) and It Would Be Cool to See the Seniors Six Nation Cheifs Team Join Them on the Podium as well ! Have a Great day, Folk's !!! :D

  4. What the F* was that bull*. I am so glad that I did not bring children to that f*ing game 2. But why would I have liked game 1? Why would anyone go to game 3? For the fights right? But the fights were all 'by surprise' and 'one person ready for the fight' only. Not only that, they were not called for, one on one, or even 'lets take off our gloves, then helmet, step aside, and kick the crap out of each other for 15 minutes ont he lacrosse floor' a la McSorely and Probert, like we in lacrosse at Six Nations can actually have that kind of a fight instead of the drunkin' indian type of fight by surprise. But what Cup are you after? It is the Octagon Cup you want, then get yourselves into the Octagon fighting. You will all need lots of training, because you just fight like a bunch of basketball players right now anyway. Thanks for the entertaining chance to laugh my guts out at Ontario Lacrosse one more time Sweethearts. Punch away. See if you can get in long enough fight to get your eyeball puss punctured out of your skull. Just a couple of you need to lose some eye sight though. Good luck!


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