2014 MSL schedule released

The Six Nations Chiefs will start their title defence with a tough test.
When the Chiefs raise their Major Series Lacrosse and Mann Cup championship banners in their home opener on Saturday May 31, the defending league and national champions will take on the Peterborough Lakers at 7 p.m., at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.
The Chiefs go on the road the next day to tangle with the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks at 6 p.m.
 Their 18-game regular season will conclude at the ILA on July 30 against the Kodiaks.

Day                                Time                        Visitor                         Home

May 29th 8pm Brampton Peterborough
May 31st 7pm Peterborough Six Nations
June 1st 6pm Six Nations Kitchener
June 2nd 8pm Peterborough Oakville
June 4th 8pm Brampton  Brooklin
June 5th 8pm Brooklin Peterborough
June 7th 7pm Brampton Six Nations
June 8th 6pm Brooklin Kitchener
June 9th 8pm Six Nations Oakville
June 10th 8pm Kitchener Brooklin
June 12th 8pm Oakville Peterborough
June 12th 8pm Six Nations Brampton
June 14th 7pm Brooklin Six Nations
June 14th 7pm Brampton Kitchener
June 16th 8pm Kitchener Oakville
June 18th 8pm Peterborough Brooklin
June 19th 8pm Six Nations Peterborough
June 21st 7pm Oakville Six Nations
June 22nd 6pm Six Nations Kitchener
June 23rd 8pm Brooklin Oakville
June 25th 8pm Oakville Brooklin
June 26th 8pm Six Nations Peterborough
June 26th 8pm Kitchener Brampton
June 28th 7pm Peterborough Six Nations
June 29th 6pm Oakville Kitchener
June 30th 8pm Peterborough Oakville
July 2nd 8pm Brampton Brooklin
July 3rd 8pm Brooklin Peterborough
July 3rd 8pm Six Nations Brampton
July 5th 7pm Kitchener Six Nations
July 5th 8pm Brooklin Brampton
July 6th 6pm Peterborough Kitchener
July 7th 8pm Brampton Oakville
July 9th 8pm Kitchener Brooklin
July 10th 8pm Oakville Peterborough
July 10th 8pm Brooklin Brampton
July12th 7pm Brampton Six Nations
July 13th 6pm Oakville Kitchener
July 14th 8pm Kitchener Oakville
July 14th 7pm Peterborough Brampton
July 16th 8pm Peterborough Brooklin
July 17th 8pm Oakville Brampton
July 17th 8pm Kitchener Peterborough
July 20th 6pm Brampton Kitchener
July 21st 8pm Brooklin Oakville
July 22nd 8pm Kitchener Brampton
July 23rd 8pm Six Nations Brooklin
July 24th 8pm Brampton Peterborough
July 26th 7pm Oakville Six Nations
July 27th 6pm Brooklin Kitchener
July 28th 8pm Six Nations Oakville
July 30th 8pm Oakville Brooklin
July 30th 8pm Kitchener Six Nations
July 31st 8pm Peterborough Brampton


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